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With the participation of 450 magazines from 30 countries in Istanbul.. The international magazine fair enhances communication between peoples


The activities of the eleventh edition of the International Exhibition of Magazines will be launched in the Turkish city of Istanbul, with the participation of 450 Turkish, Islamic, and Arab magazines from 30 countries, including 4 Arab countries, during the days from 8 to 12 next June, organized by the “AYLOL” company for organizing international exhibitions, and the support of the Ministry of Culture And Turkish Tourism (TIKA) and from the World Media Union Association, and the support of the Turkish Railways Company, under the auspices of the “Turkish Journals Association” and the Turkish Coordination and Cooperation Agency.
For his part, Mr. Fatih Bayhan, the general manager of the exhibition, said: “The exhibition aims to highlight the different cultural destinations in the participating countries, and raise the collective awareness of readers and non-Muslims towards reading and its importance, and increase communication between peoples.”
Beyhan added: “The International Magazine Fair is a platform through which all magazine publishers in Turkey and the world meet with the aim of strengthening the journalism industry and consolidating true concepts of it as one of the lofty and noble goals in society.
The Turkish official explained that the exhibition aims to raise the economic and cultural issues of the Islamic nation on the sidelines, in order to be published and publicized in a more comprehensive manner, while the activities of the exhibition are expected to witness a large turnout from all segments of society, and students of Turkish schools and universities, especially after the increase in the number of countries and magazines participating in it. , compared to the number of participants in the previous session.
It is scheduled and within the exhibition programs that seminars will be organized on the status of magazines and ways of advancement and development in the Middle East and Turkish-speaking countries, as well as organizing a closing ceremony to honor the magazines participating in the exhibition.

On the other hand, Mr. Ben Şemsettin KÜZECİ, External Participation Officer, said: “The International Exhibition of Magazines is the first and only magazine fair in the world for 9 years, which was launched with about 15 magazines in the beginning. About 30 countries, and through the 5th, 6th, and 7th magazine fairs, the World Association of Journals and then the World Association of Turkish Journals (DTDB) was established with the addition of magazines from abroad.
Kozeci added: “The Turkish Magazine Association is a union that was formed in 2008 by meeting with magazine editors, where the platform became an association in February 2015, while issues of journalism in the world are considered among the priorities and foundations of the work of the Turkish Magazine Association (TÜRDEB),” WUP and DTDB provide editorial training, organize journalism workshops, exhibitions, sessions and panel discussions, and organize journalism-related events in schools.”

The official of the foreign international participations explained: “The platform of the Turkish Magazine Association held the first meeting of magazines in 2010 with the participation of 55 magazines in this exhibition, while their number reached 78 in the second year, in the third year 98, in the fourth year 108, and the fifth with 115 magazines, and the sixth 165 magazines, the seventh 250 magazines, the eighth year 300 magazines, and the ninth year 400, while the number of participants from magazines for this year 2022 is expected to reach about 450 magazines


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