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UAE to release new high-tech passports on 1 September


ABU DHABI, 12 August – A new generation of the Emirati passports will be issued from 1st of September 2022, the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP), announced on Thursday.

The new passports will be issued as part of the new generation of Emirati passports and national ID card project which was launched in June 2021.

“The new generation of the UAE Passport is part of achieving the UAE government’s vision to reinforce the UAE identity using the latest technologies, and to provide distinctive services for the identification of personal identity in accordance with the best international standards,” ICP’s chairman Ali Muhammad Al Shamsi said.

Al Shamsi added the project will enhance the flexibility of doing business across the UAE, in order to “improve the quality of life and provide a travel experience that strengthens the leading position of the UAE.”

The new Emirati passports are made with “technical characteristics” and “complex security specifications” to prevent forgery or falsification.

Polycarbonate is used instead of paper for the identification page, to prevent damages and increase “efficiency of specialised printing supported by photos and security marks characterised by its thickness,” WAM reported.

Passport processing will be carried out at the designated ports, and will see the use of laser technologies and three-dimensional tangible elements.

Recently, the UAE passport was titled as one of the most powerful passports in the world.

Previous generation passports will remain valid until expiry, after which holders can apply for renewal to obtain the new generation passports, “upon entering within the renewal of crediting period” of 6 months before the expiry date recorded in the document.

The new passports “represent a new technological leap in line with the directions of the wise leadership to consolidate the movement towards the smart government to maximise the civilised status of the UAE within the various government services provided and for fulfillment of the modernist security and technological requirements in proving the personal identity,” ICP added.

The new passport is an extension of the previous one without any change in the prescribed fees or the channels allocated for providing services of issue or renewing the passports through the website or the UAEICP smart application on App Store and Play Store. — Arabian Business


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