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UAE and Kazakh media agencies sign MOU in Dubai


DUBAI, 1 July – Two media agencies “NazymPRCommunication boutique agency” of Kazakhstan and Media Hub International of the United Arab Emirates signed a long-term strategic memorandum of understanding to enhance media services, in the presence of His Excellency Rawan Gomabek, Consul General of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Dubai.

The memorandum of understanding was signed on behalf of the Kazakh agency by Mrs. Nazym Zhangazinova

Founder of NazymPR, expert in PR and communications., while the president and founder, editor in chief of ASWAQ Dr. Abdul Rahim Ibrahim Abdul Wahed, signed on behalf of the other agency, in the presence of representatives from both companies, and a large number of media professionals.

Under the memorandum, Media Hub International Dubai was appointed by the Kazakh agency as the main authorized media representative for media services and solutions in the Arab region, while Media Hub International was considered a media representative in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For his part, the Consul General of Kazakhstan said: “This memorandum constitutes a very important strategic alliance, to achieve mutual benefit, while at the same time emphasizing the importance of relations between Kazakhstan and the UAE, which he described as a comprehensive and long-term strategy based on the insightful visions of the leadership of the two countries, and a full awareness of the importance and role of the media. in consolidating the concepts of stability, social and cultural security, and praising the UAE’s role in providing all facilities that would make national and national projects successful in various fields.”

Consul Gomabek added: “We are honored to attend this signing as a golden opportunity to consolidate media relations between two agencies representing the Republic of Kazakhstan and the UAE, which is a strategic and successful platform for promoting commercial, economic, investment, cultural, and media businesses as well, expressing his happiness with the partnership as a stepping stone towards media competitiveness and helping It aims to promote traditional and digital media solutions on both sides and improve the efficiency of media work teams in a simple, effective and useful way”.

In the same context, Nazym Zhangazinovaexpressed her hope for the media and renaissance experience witnessed by the United Arab Emirates and said: “We also do not forget the great and pioneering role of the United Arab Emirates in the public relations industry, which I aspire to adopt from this experience and represent our country in the theater In recent years, the list of areas in which the Republic of Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates cooperate has expanded significantly, and here I am pleased to participate in the march of the two countries by including media public relations contacts in the list of these active areas between the two countries, which include mutual cooperation plans that It will lead to a qualitative exchange of experiences, hoping to achieve fruitful cooperation.”

On the same level, Dr. Abdul Wahed said: “This strategic partnership aims to advance the media services landscape in the UAE and the Arab region on the one hand, and the Republic of Kazakhstan on the other, by employing the expertise and media skills of both agencies, in order to provide better results for governments, companies, and individuals. , by focusing on three main axes: cooperation in information sciences, cooperation between multiple countries through communication between different media institutions in both countries, in addition to research cooperation aimed at joint authoring and publishing in various fields.

Dr. Abdul Wahed added: “The scopes of the memorandum cover cooperation in promoting digital and social media, media and advertising relations in the Middle East markets, proposing pioneering media projects in all of Kazakhstan and the Arab region, exchanging information, and organizing joint events such as (seminars, conferences, workshops, training, and forums), It will also focus on areas of strengthening partnerships and cooperation to support media innovation initiatives and support the activities of community initiatives in both countries.

Dr. Abdul Wahed emphasized harnessing all possibilities and efforts to make these media relations a success, as Media Hub International is a platform that has proven its ability and effectiveness in dealing with media projects of different countries. “Regulator for Media Relations” by starting from the Emirates to cover the entire Arab region as a front for a company, and in light of these efforts, the agency will appoint specialized supervisors in the Emirati and Kazakh markets to achieve the required successes.

Dr. Abdul Wahed explained that the memorandum of understanding stipulates cooperation in a number of media and cultural fields and work to spread awareness-raising activities between the two countries, while it included comprehensive media coverage of news, services, and news related to them, and the creation of specialized radio and television programs highlighting the advantages and characteristics of the two countries in various fields. The two sides agreed to implement joint international projects and provide opportunities to create a mutual understanding of strategy and business needs to enable both partners to understand and obtain benefits, as well as work mutually to benefit from each partner’s capabilities in providing a platform for media payment and promotion services, and to benefit from the presence of both partners in Kazakhstan, the UAE and the Middle East as well.


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