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Turkmenistan sets early presidential elections next month The president Approved the 30-year social development program


Kuala Lumpur, Aswaq

The President of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, adopted the “National Program for Social and Economic Development of Turkmenistan for the period 2022-2052”, and set priorities for the development of the Turkmen fuel and energy complex in 2022, while the state parliament approved the holding of the main elections on March 12, 2022. Turkmenistan’s State Information Agency reported that the president signed the decree National during an extraordinary meeting, February 11.
In a keynote speech at the forum meeting, the Turkmen leader outlined the tasks of each area of state development for the next thirty years, stipulated in the strategic document, and said: “The state will actively implement the new philosophy of international relations, which he called “Dialogue is a guarantee of peace” and is based on criteria Clearly thought-out policy, sound and positive process, and universally recognized and understood human values.
Berdymukhamedov stressed that “issues of ensuring a peaceful and free life for people will always be in the first place”, as the program will provide for the development and strengthening of the state, improving the work of official authorities and administrative resources, and also prioritizing the role of human capital as the main factor in the economic development of the state, and therefore, Formation of a new model of social development ensuring high standards of living for the people of Turkmenistan.
President Berdymukhamedov stressed that the state will make every effort to ensure the provision of high-quality housing for residents, and the continuation of building smart homes and cities in the future, so that each family will have an apartment or a separate house.
Turning to the issue of implementing the state’s foreign policy, the Turkmen leader said: “Neutrality is our political doctrine, and we will work to develop positive international cooperation with all foreign partners on the basis of equality and mutual respect, and permanently strengthen the important role of independent and impartial Turkmenistan in solving global problems.”
Turkmenistan President Berdymukhamedov explained: “In the future, reforms aimed at diversifying the national economy will continue on the basis of innovative nature, and the transition to new principles of economic strategy, modernization of the state’s macroeconomic policy, the widespread introduction of advanced technologies, and the formation of new economic relations will ensure. In turn, the diversification of The economy on the basis of innovative technological development provides training for highly professional employees, creation and development of new sectors of the economy, and, in the future, every possible assistance will be given to the development of manufacturing industries based on high technologies and environmentally friendly.
The president defined his country’s future plans in the following measures: improving the budget and tax policy, supporting entrepreneurship, creating favorable conditions for the investment climate, identifying new market trends, supporting the formation of large and start-up companies, expanding exploration for oil and gas, drilling exploratory wells, developing seismic systems and software Three-dimensionality, introducing new technologies to improve the productivity of oil and gas fields
Regarding the implementation of environmental diplomacy, the President stressed the commitment to fruitful cooperation with international organizations and activities in accordance with the Hague Conventions. In this regard, the following tasks are set: the development of interstate dialogue on issues of rational use of water, environmental protection and improvement, adaptation to climate change, combating desertification, improving the state of land reclamation, cultivating green spaces in the lands.
Extraordinary early presidential elections
On the other hand, the Parliament of Turkmenistan set the date for the holding of exceptional early presidential elections on March 12, based on the text of the decision of the Legislative Council of the Parliament that “in accordance with Article 81 of the Constitution of Turkmenistan and Article 86 of the Elections Code of Turkmenistan, the elections for the President of Turkmenistan will be held on Saturday, March 12 2022″
“In this regard, the head of the Central Committee for Elections and Referendums has been instructed to start related work in accordance with the constitution and legislation of Turkmenistan,” the state news agency confirmed. in the year 2020.
Development of the fuel and energy complex
Meanwhile, President Berdymukhamedov outlined the priorities for the development of the Turkmen fuel and energy complex in 2022, during an expanded government meeting, held yesterday as part of the extraordinary meeting, stressing that the development and modernization of the oil and gas industry, the establishment of innovative production facilities for processing hydrocarbons and diversifying their export opportunities, as well as The formation of a network of multivariate pipelines for the supply of energy resources is one of the main directions of the country.


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