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Survey reveals most in-demand jobs in the UAE for the next 10 years


ABU DHABI, 5 July – Data analysts, business operations managers, software engineers, and doctors are going to be the most in-demand job roles in the UAE in the next 10 years, a new survey showed.

The survey, commissioned by Bayt and YouGov, highlighted the changing landscape of job roles and job seeking in the country, with most of it being driven by technology.

“Technology is set to play a key role in driving experiences and intelligence in the hiring process as organisational leaders chart the path toward the post-pandemic world,” Ola Haddad, Bayt’s director of human resources, said.

According to the survey, 66 percent of respondents in the UAE believe that digital transformation, automation, artificial intelligence, and other technological factors are “most likely to change the nature of work in the future.”

Although employers will increasingly look at technical skills in line with the tech-driven changes, over half of the respondents still believe that soft skills – such as teamwork and communication – will be equally important by 2032.

Computer skills, time management, and creative thinking were particularly highlighted by respondents to be the skills recruiters will be looking for from job seekers.

“As the younger generation advances in the workforce, the survey stats make it clear that computer skill, creative thinking and communication will become even more prominent,” Haddad said.

Role of technology in recruitment

Around 92 percent of UAE recruiters said online job sites and professional platforms will be among the most popular recruiting tools within 10 years, with many of them banking on technology to speed up certain recruitment processes.

The survey showed 90 percent of recruiters agreeing that response time to applicants is likely to improve using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

“Employers in the MENA are leveraging technology to help drive growth, better anticipate uncertainty and create a workplace that top talent is eager to join. Employers are able to step up hiring practices and be transparent with employees about how they are reimagining the future of work and making progress toward that vision,” Zafar Shah, research director of data services at YouGov, said. — Arabian Business


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