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Strong Kazakh fashion participation in Milan Fashion Week in Dubai


Milan Fashion Week has ended in Dubai. As part of the shows, dozens of fashion houses from around the world presented their collections at MadMood Milano Fashion Show. Among them are Kazakhs, their works are made in the style of neo-folklore.

Fashion show “MadMood Milano Fashion Show” with the participation of eminent Kazakhstani designers, such as the founder of “Aspara Fashion Show Taraz” Aidarkhan Kaliev, the owner of numerous titles and awards in the field of fashion and culture, as well as Irina Naboko and Ainur Zheksembinova.

A special impulse and adornment of this evening was the age models, which made an absolute sensation. Retired ladies do not sit at home, but conquer the world’s catwalks and break stereotypes about age, which delighted the local public. Also, among the guests of honor was the legend of world football Roberto Carlos, eminent Arab designers and guests.

MadMood2022 is a new series of events drawing strength and inspiration from its Italian roots, but with a focus on global neo-folklore trends.

The contribution of Rotary International Dubai is also important, and, finally, the award to international designer Aidarukhan Kaliayev as the president of Aspara Fashion Week, the owner of the brand of the same name, thanks to which Mad Mood tells about the culture of Kazakhstan through the prism of fashion and catwalks.


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