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OGT–2023: PETRONAS Wins the Award for Best Pavilion Design


Ashgabat – The International Conference and Exhibition “Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan–2023” has come to an end. Now many media outlets, as if hypnotized, repeat: The current forum has broken the record for the number of participants from various countries!
In the first minutes after the opening of the exhibition, a multi-lingual speech sounded from all sides. It feels like I’ve landed on a small planet where only oil and gas workers live. Everywhere you could hear the Russian “Greetings to you!”, the Chinese “Ni hao”, the Anglo-American “How are you?”, the Arab-Persian-Turkic “Es-salam aleikum”, etc.

It was felt that many at this large-scale forum, despite the fact that they came from different parts of the world, were well acquainted. When they met, they shook hands tightly, and many embraced in a brotherly way. And this was not surprising, since the annual oil and gas conference and exhibition, which is briefly referred to as OGT, is being held for the 28th time.
The age for a specialized forum, of course, is solid. We can even say that this traditional forum is the same age as the independent Turkmen state, minus the years when it was not held due to the transport collapse associated with the global pandemic.

More than 700 delegates from almost five dozen countries took part in the International Conference “Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan–2023”. But the circle of specialists was wider, due to the fact that there was a live broadcast to a number of foreign countries, which allowed those who could not come to Ashgabat for objective reasons to join the work of the energy conference.
Nevertheless, the conference was attended by managers and representatives of over 400 companies and international organizations. And more than 10 thousand visitors got acquainted with the exhibition, where expositions of 70 companies were presented.

Among the largest oil and gas companies participating in the forum was Malaysian PETRONAS, represented by its “daughter” PETRONAS Carigali (Turkmenistan) Sdn. Bhd.
ORIENT interviewed Aimi Zairin bin Mohamed, Director of the Strategic Communications Department at PETRONAS during the forum.
– Tell me, what impression did your participation in OGT–2023 leave?
– I will not be original, saying that I immediately noted for myself that the current conference and exhibition held in Ashgabat has broken all the records that were before: in terms of the number of participants and companies represented here, and the relevance of the speeches and presentations made here.

– Yes, of course, PETRONAS Carigali has the opportunity to compare, because the company has participated in many energy forums held in Ashgabat and beyond.
– Our company has been operating in Turkmenistan since 1996. And, as far as I know, I haven’t missed a single profile forum. In general, our cooperation with Turkmenistan is developing productively, having a good foundation for the long term. We consider it an honor to act as a gold sponsor at the OGT–2023 forum, where the most important issues were discussed not only in the oil and gas sector, but also in green technologies. And we perceive this as our contribution to the development of the Turkmen fuel and energy complex.
In addition, we have prepared a stand demonstrating the company’s activities…

– By the way, please accept congratulations from ORIENT readers on the occasion of the awards presented to PETRONAS Carigali (Turkmenistan) Sdn Bhd for the best stand design at the exhibition “Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan-2023”, as well as a diploma for distinction in the energy sector.
– Thank you for the congratulations! In our company, it is customary to try to do everything in the best way. There were many very interesting stands at the exhibition. And when the name of our company was mentioned during the award ceremony of the distinguished participants of the forum, we were very pleased. But let us, in turn, congratulate the ORIENT website and its team with the award for distinction in covering OGT forums in the media.
– Thanks. But, frankly, it was a surprise for us….

– Hence, this stand, which was especially noted by the organizers of the forum, we built so that it vividly demonstrated not only our deep respect for Turkmenistan, but also the effectiveness of our interaction with a country rich in hydrocarbons and excellent specialists.
CEO of PETRONAS Carigali (Turkmenistan) Sdn Bhd Mr. Ismadi bin Ismail spoke at the forum as a moderator at session No. 1 entitled “Meeting current energy needs and investing in energy systems of the future: Natural Gas and Gas Chemistry”, and the general manager and head of the production division of the company Mohd Razik bin Mohd Aznam made an interesting report at the same session.
We also consider this as a contribution to the development of the oil and gas sector of Turkmenistan. And we are confident that this key industry for the economy will progress from year to year. But not only the fuel and energy complex – the development will cover segments of the Turkmen economy as a whole.

– Although the specialized conference dealt mainly with issues of the oil and gas sector, nevertheless, a certain place at the forum was given to the issues of so-called green energy or, as it is also called, clean, renewable energy.
– Of course, humanity needs energy in its diverse activities, in any case, we cannot exist in our current form without the use of energy. But, as everyone understands, the main energy that we currently use is damaging the environment, causing climate change.
But hydrocarbons, which humanity mainly uses, are still difficult to replace with renewable energy sources. Therefore, the issue of switching to nature-sparing green technologies is very acute on the agenda. And PETRONAS, being a responsible participant in the global energy market, accepts such a challenge in its desire to supply clean energy to international markets. And the company is actively working in this direction.

– It is also important to add: PETRONAS, taking into account the current situation in the global economy, sets itself the task not only to supply energy, but also to solve urgent issues so that everything is balanced – on the one hand, the price should be optimal, and on the other – clean energy. The world is on the verge of global changes related to climate and ecology. And PETRONAS puts the solution of these issues as a priority in its activities.
– So, the next International Exhibition and Conference “Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan–2023” has completed its work. What do you expect from the upcoming forums in this area?
– I am happy to repeat: the current OGT–2023 conference will be remembered by its participants for its positive results. But I am sure that Turkmen experts in the energy sector will not stop there, and each subsequent forum will be held at a higher level than the previous one. This trend is evident. I am also convinced that Turkmenistan, steadily developing, will continue to confidently maintain its position in the niche of the global oil and gas industry.


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