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Mustafa Abdul Aziz: remained steadfast as one of MATRADE’s key partners


Kuala Lumpur- Datuk Mohd Mustafa Abdul Aziz, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE), said that remained steadfast as one of MATRADE’s key partners in encouraging Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to leverage cross border e-Commerce platforms and explore the global market since the beginning of online export interest in Malaysia since 2014.

“We were excited when last year, launched its first Online Halal Pavilion at MIHAS to further support our local Halal industry players, especially MSMEs towards intensifying their expansion into the global market digitally. Today’s Report Launch manifests’s commitment and belief in Malaysia’s ability in our Halal offerings to the global population”.  He added.

Mr. Mustafa said: “I am delighted to see’s continued commitment in supporting Halal online trade to aligns perfectly with our vision of promoting Malaysia as a global Halal hub. Through this collaboration, we can create a seamless ecosystem that fosters innovation, encourages best practices, and promotes the Halal industry to ensure its continued growth and success”.

“I believe, Malaysian companies are equally enthusiastic to be a part of this huge digital transformation and to be able to access markets well beyond their physical reach. Hence, I encourage Malaysian MSMEs to also be on board towards digitalisation through cross-border e-Commerce platforms such as, and to fully utilise MATRADE’s eTRADE 2.0 Programme in promoting the uniqueness of Malaysian Halal diverse offerings, and meet the robust and burgeoning global market demand for Halal products and brands”. He added.

The Halal Industry Report 2023 provides the recent latest global Digital Export Trends, Online Halal Industry Data, and Industry Reports on selected highly demanded Halal sectors, as well as highlights the importance of digital transformation especially for MSMEs.

Mr. Mustafa said during his sepecc cth in Knowlge Hub, MIHAS 2034, In 2022, Malaysia’s trade continued to demonstrate a remarkable performance and registered another record-breaking achievement with trade, exports, imports and trade surplus soaring to a new high. Trade surpassed RM2 trillion for the second consecutive year and registered the fastest growth since 1994. Exports reached RM1.55 trillion, exceeding the Twelfth Malaysia Plan projection for 2025 by 24%, three years ahead. Meanwhile, imports posted another milestone by surpassing RM1 trillion marks for the first time. Trade surplus was recorded for the 25th consecutive year since 1998.

Digital trade has earned its way into the global economic landscape with the surge of digitalisation spurred by the Covid-19 pandemic. MATRADE acknowledges the increasing needs and the growing importance of digitalisation and its transformative power, particularly its ability to transcend geographical boundaries and reshape not only the landscape of international commerce but also the way we conduct business across borders through e-Commerce platforms. MATRADE will continue to uphold our main agendas for exports, which are sustainability, digitalisation, and realising the National Trade Blueprint (NTBp). These are the focal points in our quest to improve Malaysia’s rank in the international trade scene in addition to Malaysia’s digital strategic frameworks such as the MADANI Economy, the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint (MyDigital), the National eCommerce Strategic Roadmap (NESR) and the National Trade Blueprint (NTBp), emphasizing on digital technology and innovation, stimulating transformation for the people including towards digital export. The most recent economic framework, the New Industrial Masterplan (NIMP) will enhance Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) integration and capabilities in the global supply chain via digital e-marketplaces.


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