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Malaysia looking to solve the “chicken situation” with Singapore quickly 


KUALA LUMPUR, 3 June – Malaysia is working on resolving the current situation with the chicken export ban “quickly” as it values its ties with Singapore, said Malaysian Health Minister Khairy Jamaludin.

Khairy talked to reporters during his four-day visit to Singapore saying that “This is not an easy decision for us to make,” after the Malaysian government decided to impose a temporary ban on chicken exports amid a local struggle with supply shortage and rising prices.

In 2021, Singapore imported about 34 per cent of its chicken supply from Malaysia, and the current ban resulted in a domino effect on the food industry and supply chains in Singapore, as many stakeholders expressed worries about the negative effects of the export ban. Most imports from Malaysia are brought in as live poultry to be slaughtered in Singapore.

Khairy said that Malaysia hopes the situation will be temporary until the supply and cost issues can be stabilised.

“Once these things resolve itself, and we hope that it can be resolved very quickly, then of course we hope to resume exports of poultry including to Singapore,” he said.

Khairy added that Malaysia was in a “difficult situation” due to supply chain problems with chicken feed, he also referred to climate change issues as a factor affecting the time needed for chickens to grow.

On 23 May, the Malaysian cabinet decided to impose a temporary ban on chicken exports  to resolve the issue of chicken supply and prices in the country. It also decided to lift the requirement for Approved Permits (AP) for chicken imports, including for whole birds and parts.

After the announcement, Malaysia Prime Minister Ismail Sabri said the export of 3.6 million birds a month will stop from June 1 until the prices and supply of chicken stabilises, adding that “The government’s priority is to the people.”

The Malaysian government expressed “disappointment” with some chicken producers whose action had affected the price and supply of chicken.

Khairy reiterated his hopes for the situation to be solved soon and he told reporters in Singapore that the situation is “already improving” as Malaysia is looking into affordable substitutes for chicken feed while working closely with poultry producers to ensure they can increase production.

Source: Agencies 


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