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Kazakh “Taraz” Wins the award of International Crafts City for Wool and Felt


A grand event in the fall of 2022 is the inclusion of the city of Taraz in the list of World cities of artisans. Taraz is the 57th city in the world with this status and title.

Awarding the honorary title to the city will increase the recognition of the region as a tourist attraction center with a rich history and culture, which will contribute to the revival and development of the ancient traditions of folk arts and crafts, characteristic of the region.

The eventual significance of the International Exhibition of Artisans “Taraz – the City of Artisans” lies not only in the awarding of an honorary title, but also in the solidarity of artisans from all over the world. The international exhibition was visited by over 200 artisans not only from the Zhambyl region, but also from near and far abroad: Brazil, the Netherlands, India, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia, Tatarstan.

Mayor of Zhambyl region Nurzhan Nurzhigitov had a fruitful meeting with honored guests of the exhibition: Dastan Ryspekov – Chairman of the Tourism Industry Committee of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Aziz Murtazaev – Vice President of the World Council of Craftsmen of the Asia-Pacific Region; Chairman of the Union of Craftsmen of Kazakhstan Aizhan Bekkulova; chief designer of the Aspara brand Fashion house “Asyl Design” Aidarkhan Kaliev; chairman of the public association of disabled people “Sheber Shanyrak” Anar Beksultanova and other guests from Uzbekistan, Tatarstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan. The idea and inspiration of bringing the festival and making Kazakhstan as part of big artisan family belongs to Aidarkhan Kaliyev, due to his participations at international fashion festivals.

The holding of the International Exhibition served as proof that innovations in culture are born only in the exchange of experience of different cultures, only at the point of their intersection, the ability to master their life activity. When two different cultures meet, they should not merge and mix, they should be mutually enriched.

The atmosphere of the International Exhibition of artisans “Taraz – the city of artisans” was filled with bright, unique, individual works of Kazakhstani and foreign artisans made of wood, leather, felt, ceramics, various metals, various fabrics and other materials.

In order to consolidate friendly relations, exchange experience and knowledge, as well as solve problematic issues in the activities of handicrafts a round table was held at the House of Friendship in Taraz city, where members of the Parliament of Kazakhstan spoke in support of determining the status of artisans and providing them with state financial assistance.

Here, at the round table, the World Council of Craftsmen of the Asian Pacific Region and the mayor of the city of Taraz signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.

In modern conditions, the craft is enriched with new knowledge, materials and technologies, as well as new talents. In this regard, at the International Exhibition of Artisans, a competition of children’s drawings “Taraz-city of artisans” was held, where the winners were announced and awarded. In parallel with the competition of children’s drawings, the competition of young artisans “Ancient Taraz” was held, where the winners were also announced and awarded. The jury consisted of craftsmen, artisans, designers from Russia, Holland, Azerbaijan and other countries.

Thanks to the info tours, participants and guests of the International Exhibition of Craftsmen were able to learn the history of ancient Taraz and get acquainted with its sights.

The holding of the event made it possible to create an information and communication platform for the exchange of experience and the organization of interaction between all regional, Republican and International organizations in the field of crafts.


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