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Inauguration of the “Kazakh Trade House” in Dubai


Kazakh Minister of Trade: The UAE is our model in artificial intelligence

Dubai – His Excellency Arman Shakaliyev, Minister of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan praised the relations between the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Kazakhstan, stressing his country’s desire, interest and aspiration to increase the prospects for intra-trade between the two countries, praising the efforts and status of the UAE, as the first country in the world to adopt a development strategy, Artificial Intelligence, and said: “It is our model in this direction,” while His Excellency Humaid bin Salem, Secretary-General of the Emirates Chambers, expressed pride in the friendship between the Emirati business sector and its Kazakh counterpart.

This came during the Emirati/Kazakh Business Council holding its first meeting at the “Kazakh Trade House”, which was inaugurated yesterday in the Dubai Expo area, in the presence of His Excellency Arman Shakaliyev, Minister of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, His Excellency Humaid Mohammed bin Salem, Secretary General of the Federation of Emirates Chambers, and His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al Ariqi, UAE Ambassador to Kazakhstan, His Excellency Madiar Menilikov, Kazakh Ambassador to the UAE, His Excellency Jamal Al-Jarwan, Secretary-General of the Emirates Council for Investors Abroad, and the presence of more than 150 people representing major business owners, companies and institutions from the two friendly countries.

Minister Shakaliyev added that the UAE is the most popular destination for Kazakh businessmen, explaining this because of its distinctive tax system, strong economy, and encouraging investment climate. It is also the largest trading partner of Kazakhstan in the Middle East, explaining that the UAE not only has enormous energy resources, but also “Also a rapidly growing global hub and hub for the modern tourism, transportation, logistics and manufacturing sectors in the Middle East.”

The Minister expressed his country’s readiness and desire to supply organic agricultural products to the UAE market, including locally chilled lamb meat, which has become in great demand in the UAE market. He welcomed partnerships in the agricultural sector and called for more investment in the production of high-quality organic food products, as the government guarantees It provides a safe and stable investment environment, and a package of investment preferences for export-oriented projects.

For his part, the Secretary-General affirmed that the Emirates Chambers, as a representative of the private sector, is fully prepared to discuss opportunities for partnership and commercial cooperation with Kazakhstan and exchange experiences with the aim of achieving more gains for the private sector and the national economy, through establishing joint projects, encouraging an increase in the volume of trade exchange, and enhancing visits between delegations. economic, especially in light of the promising investment opportunities and opportunities between the two friendly countries.

During the first meeting of the Joint Council, the mechanisms and work plan of the Council for the next stage were discussed, especially the information technology industry sector, agriculture and food industries, while more than 60 food producers in Kazakhstan participated in the opening activities of the “Kazakh Trade House”, including honey and meat products, In addition to chemicals, IT services, construction, etc., it is fully prepared to provide shipments of high quality and stability in the necessary volumes.

For his part, the UAE Ambassador to Kazakhstan confirmed that the first joint meeting of the Business Council today indicates the continuation of efforts, meetings and agreements signed between our friendly countries. He said: “The United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan have set ambitious goals to enhance trade and investment, and I am confident that the meeting of the Business Council and the commercial mission “It will strengthen our friendship and mutual cooperation.”

His Excellency the Ambassador explained that both countries are actively participating in investing in pivotal sectors such as artificial intelligence, green energy, transportation and logistics, agriculture, wastewater treatment, and education.


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