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Huge Turnout for Turkmenistan’s energy Pavilion at ADIPEC 2023


Abu Dhabi – The Turkmen energy sector, presented at the oil and gas exhibition ADIPEC 2023, which opened on Monday, October 2, in Abu Dhabi, attracted the attention of hundreds of international companies from countries such as Norway, Switzerland, the UAE, Qatar, Azerbaijan, India, Pakistan, the USA, Canada and others.
Among the largest international companies that have shown business interest in the Turkmen energy sector are Sinopec, Rime, CGG, EGS, Xiat, ICA-Finance, S&P Global and many others.
During the visit to the stand of Turkmenistan, the top management of leading international companies announced business proposals, potential partnership and investment projects. Companies engaged in oil refineries, renewable energy sources and green energy projects also presented their services.
The Turkmen energy sector will continue discussing such proposals and potential projects in Ashgabat at the end of October at OGT 2023. The exhibiting companies of ADIPEC 2023 have also expressed interest in participating in OGT EXPO 2023. More than 65 national and international companies have booked their stands for the upcoming event.
The active participation of Turkmenistan at ADIPEC 2023 and its continuous engagement with global industry leaders and experts signify the country’s commitment to enhancing its energy sector. As Turkmenistan opens its doors to international investments and partnerships, the country is poised to redefine its position in the global energy landscape.

The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) 2023, a global platform for energy industry leaders and experts, recently marked its conclusion. This year, the event was graced by the participation of Turkmenistan, a country rich in energy resources. Turkmenistan seized this opportunity to showcase its vast energy potential to a global audience, attracting the attention of hundreds of international companies.

Amongst the plethora of energy companies present at the ADIPEC 2023, the Turkmen energy sector carved a niche for itself. The country’s three major state concerns – ‘Turkmengaz’, ‘Turkmen Geology’, and ‘Turkmennebit’ – made their presence felt at the event. During the exhibition, the energy sector of Turkmenistan garnered interest from international companies from diverse countries like Norway, Switzerland, UAE, Qatar, Azerbaijan, India, Pakistan, USA, and Canada.
Major international players such as Sinopec, Rime, CGG, EGS, Xiat, ICA-Finance, and S&P Global expressed keen interest in Turkmenistan’s energy sector. They extended business, partnership, and investment proposals, highlighting the potential of Turkmenistan in the global energy market. Companies involved in oil refining, renewable energy, and green energy projects also presented their services, further bolstering Turkmenistan’s standing in the energy sector.

The 2023 edition of ADIPEC, themed ‘Decarbonising. Faster. Together.’, aimed to accelerate the decarbonisation of the energy sector. The event created a conducive environment for dialogue and collaboration across the entire energy ecosystem, ranging from government officials and CEOs to policymakers and innovators.
With decarbonisation defining the agenda, critical conversations revolved around achieving net-zero in heavy industries like aviation and cement production, and developing circular economies. The event underscored the energy industry’s commitment to lowering emissions without sacrificing economic growth.

The dialogue initiated at ADIPEC 2023 will continue at the Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan 2023 (OGT 2023) conference and exhibition in Ashgabat. This upcoming event has already sparked interest amongst ADIPEC 2023 exhibitors, with more than 65 national and international companies booking their stands. It is expected that the discussions and potential projects proposed at ADIPEC will gain further momentum at OGT 2023.


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