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Kazakhstan celebrates Republic Day as a new symbol of independence


Tokayev: Immortalizes the efforts of the people to preserve their national identity

Astana, 28 October — The government and people of the Republic of Kazakhstan celebrated the country’s National Day, with a new concept and history, by restoring the true symbol of the state, after President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev submitted a proposal, which was approved by Parliament to amend the law on holidays and consider October 25 of each year as the Republic Day as a national holiday, to commemorate The memory of the country’s first step towards its independence from more than 70 years of Soviet rule.

October 25 is considered one of the most important dates in the life of Kazakhstan. On this day in 1990, the Declaration of State Sovereignty was adopted in the Kazakh SSR, which represents the country’s first step towards its independence, as 360 deputies adopted it during the expanded meeting of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan. SSR Historical Document in Almaty on October 25, 1990.

Kazakhstan has not celebrated this holiday for 13 years, and on October 25, 1990, the Memorandum of State Sovereignty of the Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan was adopted in Kazakhstan. Within the framework of this document, Kazakhstan suspended the operation of Soviet laws and adopted its own laws.

Kazakhstan used to celebrate Republic Day from 1995 to 2009, after which the celebration was canceled and the day became a normal working day. Republic Day is a bright day that calls to raise the spirit of the people and strengthen our entity, unity, and solidarity, and we have begun to build Kazakhstan, and this great goal can be achieved only with the active participation of all Kazakhs and that is why citizens are the main backbone and the greatest wealth of the country.

“Republic Day represents the dream of our ancestors for freedom, it commemorates the efforts of the Kazakh people to achieve freedom and preserve their national identity, and starting this year, Republic Day, which has acquired the status of a national holiday, is celebrated in a new way,” President Tokayev said at a ceremony before the October celebrations dedicated to the celebration of the re-establishment of the holiday in Kazakhstan.

October 25, 1990, was a landmark day in the history of Kazakhstan, when the Supreme Council of the country passed the Declaration of Sovereignty, which, together with the Constitutional Independence Law adopted on December 16, 1991, established the modern Republic of Kazakhstan, and the document established the basic principles of sovereignty, such as a unitary state, integrity, Indivisibility, inviolability of their territories, revival and development of culture, traditions and language, strengthening of national identity, legal equality, equal opportunities for representatives of all, protection of nations and nationalities, political pluralism, and other principles.

The declaration also divided the power of the state into legislative, executive, and judicial powers, with the president having the highest administrative and executive authority. From the legal inception of Kazakhstan’s actions towards true independence, the country has been a champion of non-proliferation, disarmament, and global dialogue and has propelled efforts in the field of international peace and security.

Kazakhstan ranks ninth among the world’s largest crude oil exporters, 15th in terms of proven natural gas reserves, and among post-Soviet countries, and has the largest liquid hydrocarbon reserves after Russia. The country entered the global oil market in 1993 after it The country’s government and Chevron agreed to establish a giant oil production project, Tengizchevroil, to produce oil in two large fields near the Caspian Sea. In 1997, Kazakhstan signed a production-sharing agreement with seven international companies, including Agip, British Gas, British Petroleum, Mobil, Shell, Statoil, and Total.


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